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The Market is an economic building. It allows you to create Caravans to gather Wealth Wealth and Merchants to collect Rare Resources. It also generates some Wealth on its own and provides a marketplace to buy and sell common resources.

The Market becomes available to a nation once it has researched Commerce Commerce 1 (Barter) at a Library.

Wealth production Edit

Each Market generates a basic income of 10 Wealth Wealth per 30 seconds. The only way to increase this is by building the Porcelain Tower wonder, which triples each Market's production to 30 Wealth Wealth per 30 seconds. Researching Taxation technologies at a Temple has no effect on Market income.

When a Market is completed or destroyed/razed, a one-time bonus of 30 Wealth Wealth is granted.

Buy/Sell resources Edit

Market Trading

Once a nation has developed Commerce Commerce 2 (Coinage) at the Library, it may buy or sell common resources at the Market: Food Food, Timber Timber, Metal Metal, and - from Industrial Age on - Oil Oil. Knowledge cannot be traded.

Resources are always traded for Wealth Wealth. They are bought from and sold to an off-map trader rather than being sent to or taken from another player (if you want to trade resources with another player, you have to do this via the diplomacy screen). However, other players will be affected by commodity trades done at the market:

  • Buying a resource will drive its price up for all players.
  • Selling a resource will drive its price down for all players.
  • Market prices also fluctuate and 'normalize' over time. The little green arrow next to a price shows the trend (if the price is about to go up, down or remains stable).
Hint Hint: Press SHIFT + click to buy/sell 500 of a resource, or ALT + click to buy as much as you can afford or sell everything you have. You can also toggle a market interface to be displayed in the resource box in the top left corner, giving quick access to market prices and trade options.

Nations and Wonders Edit

  • The Nubians start with a free Market, their Markets have +50% hit points and are built 10% cheaper. They may also trade goods without further research and with a +20/-20 price bonus. Prior to version, Nubian Markets were 50% cheaper.
  • The Dutch (Thrones & Patriots) start with a free Market, but cannot build additional Markets without researching Commerce 1 (Barter) first.
  • Persian Markets create (and replace) Caravans up to the limit automatically.
  • Building the Porcelain Tower wonder increases the gather rate per Market to 30 Wealth Wealth per 30 Seconds.
  • Building the Super Collider wonder fixes the minimum selling price at 50 and the maximum buying price at 125.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Market has a Rally Point, where new Caravans and Merchants are sent to after completion. Place it on a city to have Caravans pick that city as the first on their trading route. Place it on a rare resource to have a Merchant move to that resource and automatically deploy itself (if possible). Shift + R resets the rally point to the building.
  • Planting an informer at an enemy's Market lets you see their resource levels (?) and the number of Caravans and Merchants they have. It can also reveal when a nuclear embargo will occur for that nation.