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Mamelukes were slaves of Islamic leaders that were trained as cavalry soldiers. Originally meant to furnish a politically neutral body of troops for Muslim potentates in the Middle Ages, they had risen to become a socioeconomic and military elite resembling the institution of knighthood in by the Early Modern Era.

A foreigner, isolated from the blood feuds and scheming that dominated politics in early modern Islamic society, made a better choice compared with natives for the Sultan's own attendants, as his own safety depended on his loyalty to his master, but such power came with a price: the Mamelukes would eventually form clans that carved out fiefdoms for themselves throughout the Caliph's lands and beyond, forming what are now known as the "mamluk" dynasties.

Of these, the most famous clan would be the Mamluk sultanate, which dominated Egypt and the Red Sea for well over two centuries, before being subsumed into the Ottoman Empire in 1517, as well as the Bahrids who were responsible for forcing out western rule from the Levant in the 14th century, ensuring the Islamic domination of the Middle East for at least 4 centuries.

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