Machine Guns

All upgrades of Machine Guns, packed and deployed.

Machine Guns are a type of late game infantry units, starting to become available in the Industrial age small Industrial Age. They are trained and upgraded at the Barracks, requiring both Metal Metal and Wealth Wealth.

Machine Guns are slow-moving infantry teams, which are defenseless while packed. Like Artillery Weapons, they need to deploy before being able to attack, and pack before being able to move again. When deployed, they provide extremely effective long-range firepower against all kinds of infantry. They are pretty useless when fighting anything else, however, and can be taken out easily by sending Armored Vehicles (Ranged Cavalry) or Fighter Aircraft against them.

Machine Guns are supposed to be used in more defensive situations, like when defending a (captured) city, a fort or a rare resource against raids from enemy infantry. They should be complemented with anti-tank infantry against vehicles and Anti-Aircraft or stationary AA defenses against air raids.

Age Unit
Industrial age small Industrial Age Machine Gun
Modern age small Modern Age Heavy Machine Gun
Information age small Information Age Advanced Machine Gun


  • Remember that these units are highly vulnerable when they are moving as they cannot attack while traversing through areas and they are slow. Be sure to have several other infantry to guard them or deploy these units quickly before the enemy can attack.
  • These units are effective for defense strategies, such as preventing the enemy from reaching a city.
  • Using a General's ablity to entrench these units once in place makes them far more effective when dealing with enemy fire and helps them take less damage from infantry and other units that they may face.