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The Lookout is an inexpensive building that lifts the Fog of War within a reasonably long range, making it an important early warning system. It also detects invisible units such as Spies within its line of sight.

Lookouts are fragile structures, have no armor and cannot attack ground units. Unlike Towers, they also cannot be garrisoned. They do have the ability to attack enemy air units, though, by shooting arrows at them; however, it's a fairly weak, low-ranged attack that barely damages the target.

Lookouts automatically upgrade to Observation Posts in the Gunpowder Age for free, which nets them an additional +40 hit points - and a significant increase in building cost. In the Industrial Age they are upgraded again and become stationary Air Defense Guns.

Each level of Science Science technology increases the line of sight of the Lookout and its upgrades by +3 tiles.

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