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Lithuania is a fan nation that is a representation of the real life Lithuania. Lithuania has the Power of Language. This is given to Lithuania due to being considered one of the oldest languages in Europe, surviving despite attempts to destroy the language

Nation PowersEdit

  • Lithuania can build farms instantly
  • Attrition Rate on enemy units are an extra 20% while Lithuanian units have a 20% resistance to enemy attrition
  • Militia, minutemen, and partisan upgrades are free.
  • Temples are 50% cheaper
  • Lithuanian Cities take twice as long to assimulate if militia based units are present in the city territory

Unique UnitsEdit

Amber Trader

Replaces the Merchant unit. Upon setting up near unique resources, the player receives 2 coins a second.

Followers of Perkunas

Replace Pikemen. More expensive then pikemen, but move faster, gain attack bonus when fighting in home territory, and are immune to bribe.

Winged Hussar

Replaces Heavy Knight. More expensive then Heavy Knights, but moves faster, gains attack bonus when fighting in home Territory, and are immune to bribe.

Ambo VII

Replaces Fighter and Bomber. Same price as Fighter, and by definition cheaper then bomber. Has same stats as regular Fighter. However, can be used as a bomber against ground targets, though not as effective as regular bomber. Tradeoff being that the plane is a multirole aircraft.

Forest Brothers

Replaces Infantry. Cheaper then regular infantry, while being faster, immune to bribery, and can cloak when in moving thru enemy territory. Gains defense bonus when fighting in home territory

Fighters for Independence.

Replaces Partisans. Immune to bribes and attrition damage. Cloaked when moving thru enemy territory. Has longer sight range then regular Partisan. Gains defense bonus when fighting in home territory.

Iron Wolf Exo Suit Troops

Lithuania's unique Mechanical age unit. Cheaper the standard infantry unit. Faster, immune to bribery, can cloak in both friendly and enemy territory, gains defense bonus when fighting in home territory, and are immune to bribery.

Anbo X

Lithuania's unique Mechanical age aircraft, and replaces both Fighter and Bomber units. Same price as Mechanical fighter aircraft, and by definition cheaper then mechanical age bomber. Has same stats as regular Mechanical fighter. Multirole aircraft that is faster and more aggressive then regular bomber. Also has rear mounter machine gun to attack enemy aircraft that are not targeted.

Thunder of Perkunas missile

Lithuania's unique Mechanical age Missile. Has same damage as regular missile, but now has the EMP effect. Where ever the missile hits, an EMP area of effect happens. Structures caught in this EMP are deactivated for 2 minutes. Once deactivated, the structure cannot be used or produce anything. Any building ques are paused. Vehicles in this field are deactivated for two minutes. All infantry (Except Partisan based units) receive attack and defense cuts, making them weaker. Aricraft that are in the air (not in bases) are immediately destroyed. Forts and bunker based structures are immune to the effects of the EMP, as are silos that are empty. Units garrisoned in a bunker or fort structure are immune to the EMP. Note that the nation that fires this missil are immune to the effects of their own EMP. However, they are not immune to the effects of opposing Thunder of Perkunas missils. Also is not effected by the missile shield upgrade.


Playing as Lithuania can be best described as being both a turtle and a mosquito. In early game, Lithuania thrives is commerce. Sending Amber Traders to find unique resources is a must, as the 2 coin a second ability allows Lithuania to go around the commerce limit. Building farms is also important, given how Lithuania's farms are instantly built. Try to avoid fighting during this time. Although Lithuania has a resistance to attrition, your better off upgrading your own attrition rate. Coupled with the Follower's of Perkunas defense bonus, you should be able to fend off most attacks. By the time you get to the Modern Age, Lithuania will be ready to attack. Use Forest Brothers Units to conduct raids on enemy cities. Be warned as the Forest Brothers cloak ability will be useless if the enemy had any towers, spies, and commandos. While the Anbo VII might seem like a waste, especially considering it replaces the bomber. However, this does help cut costs and population cap problems. And while the Anbo VII lacks the armor and damage potential of the bomber, the Anbo VII does have the speed of the fighter and defensive capabilities of the fighter. Use the Anbo VII to punch holes for your Forest Brother Units. Note that the Anbo VII upgrades to regular Jet Fighters upon entering the Information Age. By late game, Lithuania should be ready to conduct raids, and fortify itself. Convert any scholars to Fighters of Independence once you have done all upgrades. Use these units to conduct small strikes in enemy territory. Use the regular military units for the finaly push into enemy territories. If on the defense, do not be afraid to use the call to arms ability to make Fighters for Independence. Use the units defense bonus and Lithuanians nation ability to hold back invaders long enough for the regular military units to push the enemy back. Overall Lithuania only really becomes a power in late game. With its attrition modifier, players playing as Lithuania will find they can be protected in early game. By late game, however, they must use their unit's special abilities along with their attrition bonuses.

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