Scouts have a large line of sight.

Line of Sight is a game concept that determines how far a unit or building can see. Line of sight is shown by the brightest areas of the map. Areas that are visible but appear darker than the rest of the map show areas that have been explored but are not currently being observed (see Fog of War). Enemy units outside a nation's line of sight are hidden from view, while enemy buildings remain visable once they have been discovered. Science Science level 7 will entend a nation's line of sight to their entire territory. The Space Program wonder reveals all units, buildings, and terrain on the map, even those belonging to enemies. 

Allied LOSEdit

 With Science Science level 2, a player will be able to see their ally's line of sight. This is very useful as any reconnaissance gained by allies will also be visable to the player. This can be disabled if using custom rules.

Uses for SpyingEdit

In Multiplayer games, players playing a Diplomacy styled game, can ally, peace or declare war at any time they wish. If you wish to destroy an enemy easier, follow these steps. Please note that the enemy could attempt to do this too, and it's not reccommended to use on Intermedient or Veterant players, as they will know this trick as they played the game for a much longer time (possibly longer than you)

  1. Ally with the target and pretend to be his or her's ally by assisting him by giving him or her resources, assisting in attacks and such.
  2. Build alot of fortifications and military structures. Building it around his cities is good, but don't put too much (Bad examples include, surrounding their cities with towers and/or forts and other things that can produce military units) or they will know you're plan and destroy you.
  3. Build a large force and pretend to defend his cities by placing them near his capital (if Conquest, around his other cities too). Make sure the force is large enough for your units to take, or he will have time to swarm in and destroy your army.
  4. Surround his army producing buildings like the Barracks, Stable/Auto Plant and Siege Factories/Factories. If he has any forts, do the same for them.
  5. When his army is really weak and is just in the right spot, quickly declare war and order your units to assult his capital. Any units near his army producing centers, destroy those first. Make sure that no citizens are left alive, and if he calls an alarm, quickly kill the citizens before they get inside.

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