Light Ships are a unit series produced at the Dock, Anchorage, and Shipyard. They are quick ships with light armament and armor, all of which feature a ranged attack.

Light Ships are strong against enemy Fire Ships, Submarines, and Aircraft. Because of this, they make a good escort for the Heavy Ships unit series, which are weak to these units. Light Ships are also very effective at harassing enemy transports.

Light Ships are weak to enemy Heavy Ships.

Light Ships Unit Series Edit

The Light Ships have one upgrade per age, giving a total of eight standard units in the Light Ships unit series. Each upgrade requires the corresponding Age Upgrade and Military Upgrade. Each upgrade improves one or more of the unit's stats: Hit Points, Armor, Movement Speed, Attack Range, Attack Strength, and Line of Sight.

Age Unit Type
Ancient Age Ancient Age Bark Light Ships
Classical age small Classical Age Dromon Light Ships
Medieval age small Medieval Age Caravel Light Ships
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Corvette Light Ships
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Sloop Light Ships
Industrial age small Industrial Age Destroyer Light Ships
Modern age small Modern Age Cruiser Light Ships
Information age small Information Age Missile Cruiser Light Ships

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