Disambiguous This article is about the entire line of light mounted troops. For the particular unit of the same name, see Light Cavalry (Unit).

Light Cavalry are the cheapest and fastest type of Cavalry, requiring both Food Food and Timber Timber. They are strong against Light Infantry and Ranged Cavalry but weak against Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry.

Light Cavalry's low cost means an large force can be recruited quickly, and their unmatched speed and attack bonuses also makes them excel at devastating enemy Artillery and Supply Wagons, although their low armour and hit points can make such attack be quickly frustrated by well-prepared enemy.

For the same reasons as previously stated, Light Cavalry can also make quick work of Foot Archers and even Gunpowder Infantry in a successful ambush, flanking attack or by numerical superiority; otherwise the opposite will be true, as these foot troops are almost guaranteed to be more numerous, and can decimate an entire contingent of Light Cavalry before it has a chance to close in, as the frail Light cavalrymen have no particular resistance to these unit types' attacks, unlike the slower, but far more resilient Heavy Cavalry. They also have little use in siege operations, since they are weak to building projectiles, like Ranged Cavalry, but lacking the damage bonuses against Civilians and ranged attack that unit type possesses.

Starting in the Industrial age small Industrial Age, Ranged Cavalry transition into armored vehicles, and Light Cavalry follows suit by merging into that unit type, gaining substantial damage, armour, and hit point upgrades, in addition to a ranged attack and the ability to strike while on the move.

Upgrade table Edit

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age None Unavaliable
Classical age small Classical Age Light Horse Light Cavalry
Medieval age small Medieval Age Light Cavalry Light Cavalry
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Elite Light Cavalry Light Cavalry
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Hussar Light Cavalry
Industrial age small Industrial Age Armored Car Ranged Cavalry
Modern age small Modern Age Armored Scout Car Ranged Cavalry
Information age small Information Age Armored Cavalry Ranged Cavalry