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The Library is a civilian building, where general research and age advances of a nation are conducted. By default, each nation starts with a free Library and thus may immediately conduct research.


Building additional libraries allows a nation to simultaneously research several projects at a time. This does not speed up the research process, however, and only one Library per city is allowed.

Research Edit

There are five technology tracks that can be researched:

Age Advances Age Advancing ages will give access to new resources, and eventually, access to oil wells, but there is no future form of Age. Also, a certain amount of the following tech is required to advance ages:

Military Military technologies will increase the Population Limit, allow access to new buildings, and decreases the costs of units and their upgrades. The future Military tech is Missile Shield, which will prevent missiles from exploding in the researcher's territory and turns back the Armageddon Clock by 2.

Civic Civic technology will increase the amount of cities you can build by 1 per research and increases your national borders. It will also unlock new technologies at buildings until the pre-final track. The future Civics tech is World Government, which makes all timer victories, city assimilation, and enemy capitol buildings instantaneous.

Commerce Commerce allows access to new economic buildings, increases the Commerce Limit, and allows more Caravans to be built. The future Commerce tech, Global Prosperity, increases production by one quarter, sets the Commerce Limit to the maximum allowed, and allows access to advanced fighters and stealth bombers.

Science Science will decrease the cost of and improve the speed of research, increases the LoS of units and buildings, and allows access to storage buildings that increase the production of anything within the City's borders that they are built in. The future Science tech, Artifical Intelligence, makes production of units instantaneous.

Related Nation Powers Edit

  • The Greeks may build Libraries at half the cost.

Trivia Edit

  • By default, Libraries do not contribute to the gather rate of Knowledge. However, they were probably supposed to: The rules.xml contains a key LIBRARY_LITERACY (line 141) which can be modified to have Libraries produce Knowledge as well.
  • If the game mode is first set other to Ancient Age, for example, if they started at the Classical Age or Medieval Age, the research names will be different in every age they start. But the functions stay the same.

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