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Liberty is a CTW campaign in the Rise of Immortal Kingdoms Modpack. It features three factions: The Canadians, the United Scandanavian States, and the United Allies.

Setting Edit

The United Allies is dominating the world. Billions of people are oppressed by the UA, and thousands die each day. Several countries have had enough. The Canadians and the Scandanavians choose to break off, mobilising resistance forces in the process. The United Allies, understandably, do not wish to lose their vassals on Earth. UA forces move in on the breakaway countries, while the two rogue nations fight for their lives, inspiring the entire world in the process...

Nations Edit

Liberty allows the player to choose between 3 factions: The United Allies, the Canadians, and the United Scandanavian States. Each has a very unique playstyle and campaign, and each of the nations is slightly edited to contribute to the effect of the campaign.

United Allies: Edit

Eliminated Units: Rods from God, Yamato II Battleship

Added: Enforcer-Alternate light infantry unit with weaker attacks but faster and tougher. 10x damage vs. civilians

CTW-Unique Powers: Cannot steal unique units from USS or Canadians, but can steal from all other nations (Info-Space/Mechanical age only)

Canadians: Edit

Eliminated Units: Canadian ICBM

Added: Canadian Resistance-Alternate militia-type unit that can cloak, snipe, but is less durable. 10x damage vs. Light infantry

CTW-Unique Powers: Are in peace mode for first 5 minutes of each game.

United Scandanavian States: Edit

Eliminated Units: N/A

Added: Lapp Resistance-Alternate militia-type unit that is faster, cloaked and with longer range, although fragile. 10x damage vs. Light infantry

CTW-Unique Powers: Start with a larger force of units.


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