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Knowledge Knowledge is one of the six basic resources in Rise of Nations. Knowledge Knowledge is a primary resource and is required to research most of the technologies at the Library, with the exception of the earliest. Without Knowledge Knowledge, the player cannot progress through the Ages or research military or economic upgrades. In the late game, Knowledge Knowledge is also used as a production resource and required to develop and construct nuclear missiles as well as both Information Age Information Age wonders, the Super Collider and the Space Program.

Knowledge Knowledge is the only resource that cannot be traded at the Market, making the construction of a University and training Scholars a necessary task.

Gathering Knowledge Edit


Universities and scholars are the main source of Knowledge production.

Knowledge Knowledge may be gathered once a nation enters the Classical Age Classical Age (except for the Greeks; see below). It is primarily produced by building a University and creating Scholars. When a University is built, the nation is granted a one-time bonus of 25 Knowledge Knowledge. The university itself produces Knowledge Knowledge at a rate of 10 (per 30 seconds). This can be increased by creating Scholars at a University. Each University may hold a maximum of seven scholars at a time, limiting the amount of Knowledge Knowledge that can be gathered, as each city may build only one University.

Scholars initially generate Knowledge Knowledge at a rate of 5 (per 30 seconds). This rate can be increased by researching various technologies, which become available at the University as a nation progresses through the ages. The following table shows Knowledge Knowledge production per Scholar and maximum production per University with seven Scholars, including University's base gather rate:

Technology Per Scholar Per University (max)
- 5 Knowledge 45 Knowledge
Literacy 7 Knowledge 59 Knowledge
Printing Press 10 Knowledge 80 Knowledge
Scientific Method 15 Knowledge 115 Knowledge
Institutional Research 20 Knowledge 150 Knowledge
Supercomputers 25 Knowledge 185 Knowledge

In contrast to all other basic resources, the production of Knowledge Knowledge is not affected by the Commerce Limit Commerce Limit and its gather rate may be increased to the maximum of 999 without limitations.

Rare resources Edit


Rare resources like Relics add to Knowledge production as well.

Knowledge Knowledge is also produced by a number of rare resources, which can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location:

The gather rate of rare resources in friendly (i.e. own and allied) territory can be increased by researching the Taxation line at the Temple (+50%, +100%, +200%, +300%) and by building the Porcelain Tower (+200%).

Nation powers Edit

  • The Greek Power of Philosophy: Can build Universities and gather Knowledge Knowledge at the beginning of the game. Also starts with a University.

Wonders Edit

Notes Edit

  • By default, Libraries do not contribute to the gather rate of Knowledge Knowledge. However, they were probably supposed to: the rules.xml contains a key LIBRARY_LITERACY (line 141) which can be modified to have Libraries produce Knowledge Knowledge as well.
  • It is quite strange that Knowledge Knowledge is used up when researching and constructing specific types of buildings. However, this may have been implemented for balancing reasons in comparison with the other basic resources.