Kings and Conquerors: The Hellenistic Era is a historical modification being developed for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots.


The modification is set in the Hellenistic period (which in the original game is represented by Classical Age) and features a number of new factions, units and buildings that are appropriate to the period. Originally, under the name "Kings and Conquerors", it was intended as an expansion of the modification Rise of the Ancients that would also include the Medieval Period. However, due to engine limitations, Kings and Conquerors became solely focused on the Hellenistic period, and "The Hellenistic Era" was added to the original name to reflect this change. More information can be found on Rise of Nations Heaven forums and on ModDb.


  • A set of highly unique factions.
  • A large number of new units with custom textures and models.
  • New unit types, such as priests, levies, mercenaries and elite units.
  • New wonders and buildings. Nations receive Unique Buildings in addition to Unique Units that provide a range of bonuses.
  • Increased population limit and map sizes.
  • Governments are replaced by policy decisions. With this new system, there are three tiers of policy decisions focusing on three different aspects of a nation: government, military and civic. For each of these policy decisions, the player can choose between two different technologies. Each technology gives the player a patriot and provides additional bonuses such as new units and buildings.

Kings and conquerors screen

Recent developmentsEdit

By February 2014, it was announced on Kings & Conquerors Wiki that 24 factions would be appearing, dependent on the number of unit slots available. These factions would be:

  • Romans
  • Macedonians
  • Ptolemaic Egyptians
  • Seleucids
  • Pergamenes
  • Pontids
  • Parthians
  • Bactrians
  • Epeirotes
  • Carthaginians
  • Numidians
  • Chremonidian League
  • Achaean League
  • Bosporans
  • Sabaeans
  • Nabataeans
  • Britons
  • Arverni
  • Celtiberians
  • Lusitanians
  • Sauromatae
  • Getae
  • Suebi
  • Armenians

However, by mid-2015, the general manager, Super7700, mentioned that Kings & Conquerors might be indefinitely postponed. It is unknown now if this mod will ever see completion, yet alone be fully playable.

A new project, Kings & Conquerors: Hostibus ad Portas, is projected should this mod fail.

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