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Jet Fighter Bomber
The Jet Fighter Bomber is an Information Age Information Age Fighter Aircraft operating from the Aircraft Carrier, automatically upgraded from the Fighter Bomber once the Fighter is upgraded to the Jet Fighter.


The Jet Fighter Bomber's stats are almost identical to that of the land-based Jet Fighter, including unit cost, production speed and operation range. However, the carrier-based aircraft has an additional 100 hit points (roughly 71% more), a slightly higher attack strength and, as its name implies, a bombard attack, which deals extra damage to buildings and splash damage to nearby targets. Also Jet Fighter Bombers get +100 Craft Craft, so their operational time is increased to 33.3 seconds, and their Craft Craft recharge time is also increased to 16.7 seconds. This makes the Jet Fighter Bomber more versatile and durable compared to the land-based Jet Fighter.

For more information about the use of carrier-based aircraft, see Fighter Bomber#Overview.

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