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The Jet Fighter Bomber is an aircraft which operates from an Aircraft Carrier. It replaces the Fighter Bomber once a nation has researched Jet Fighters at an Airbase; this in turn requires the development of Information age small Information Age and Military Military 7 (Selective Service). Along with the upgrade, the Jet Fighter Bomber receives a 20% increase in speed, an additional 40 hit points and an improved attack strength and range. It fires two homing missiles at its target per sortie.

The stats of the Jet Fighter Bomber are almost identical to that of the land-based Jet Fighter, including unit cost, production speed and operation range. However, the carrier-based aircraft has an additional 100 hit points (roughly 71% more), a slightly higher attack strength and, as its name implies, a bombard attack, which deals extra damage to buildings and splash damage to nearby targets. This makes the Jet Fighter Bomber more versatile and durable compared to the land-based Jet Fighter.

Operating Jet Fighter Bombers Edit

Jet Fighter Bomber fulfill the same role as their predecessors do and operate in the same way. See → Operating Fighter Bombers.

Upgrading Edit

The Jet Fighter Bomber receives no further upgrades and isn't affected by the Advanced Fighter technology that becomes available with the Future Technology Global Prosperity.

Aluminum, a rare resource, reduces the base cost of Jet Fighter Bombers (and all other aircraft) by 15% and increases their speed by 25%.

Background Edit

The unit's model is based on the American McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter, a multirole carrier-capable fighter jet introduced in 1983.

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