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The Jet Fighter is a Fighter Aircraft used to combat other aircraft and ground units. It replaces the Fighter and becomes available at the Airbase, once a nation has developed Information age small Information Age and Military Military 7 (Selective Service). Like all aircraft it requires both Wealth Wealth and Oil Oil to be created.

For operations from Aircraft Carriers, a different fighter aircraft is used: The Jet Fighter Bomber, which is more durable in comparison to the regular Jet Fighter, can act as bomber, and is also adept at attacking naval units. Other than these, it has similar stats as the land-based Jet Fighter. Developing Jet Fighters at an Airbase also upgrades the carrier-based aircraft.

Upgrading Edit

Once a nation has developed the future technology Global Prosperity, Jet Fighters can be upgraded to Advanced Fighters.

Aluminum, a rare resource, reduces the base cost of Jet Fighters (and all other aircraft) by 15% and increases their speed by 25%.

Unique Units Edit

The Bantu have a unique Jet Fighter called the Eagle Fighter.

Trivia Edit

Jet Fighter (F-16)

General Dynamics F-16 'Fighting Falcon'.

Jet Fighter (MiG)

Mikoyan MiG-29 'Fulcrum'.

Four different unit models are used for the base Jet Fighter, based on real fighters. The difference is just a cosmetic one.

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