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Inti Macemen are the Inca unique unit of the Medieval Age Medieval Age, replacing the standard Elite Javelineers. Unlike the rest of the Light Infantry line, Inti Macemen lack a ranged attack. However, they are tougher; having +8 hit points, +1 armor and +3 strength compared to Elite Javelineers. Additionally, they receive the 80% damage bonus against Supply Wagons and Armed Supply Wagons that all melee units receive. They also don't have the 5% damage penalty against Heavy and Light Cavalry that most Light, Gunpowder, and Modern Infantry have. Finally, they receive a 15% damage bonus against all Cavalry.

Trivia Edit

  • A remarkable innacuracy lies in that Inti Macemen appear to armed with a Macuahuitl; this is an ancient Mesoamerican weapon, specially known as the signature weapon of Aztec armies. It's completely foreign to South America and, for that matter, Inca Warriors.

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