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Stealth bomber RON

A Stealth Bomber, one of the units that can be aquired during the Information Age

The Information Age Information age is the eighth age a player can reach in Rise of Nations. It can be obtained by researching a total of 26 technologies through the Library, and paying 6000 knowledge, 2400 oil.


The Information Age is a period in human history which represents the current time period we are now in. The age is aptly named due to the high volume of information based services such as the rise of computers, cell phones, and the Internet. The rapid rate at which technology increased in this time period marked events such as the dot com bubble in which the Internet and stocks associated with various Internet-based companies rose rapidly, and seemed endless.

A key event in the early Information Age was the collapse of the Soviet Union, which ended the Cold War. This left the United States as the sole superpower left in the world, although its military and economic supremacy was soon challenged by the rapidly growing People's Republic of China.

New technological advancements made older technologies used for years obsolete, such as radar and traditional aircraft bombers. Stealth technologies, and space flight are more prevalent in this age, and continue to grow. Human thought and technology are more automated, but still rely on human interaction. Conflict still persists, although its nature has changed significantly. Instead of massive battles between armadas of tanks, modern warfare is more often a grueling and difficult seemingly never-ending campaign against insurgency. Examples include United States occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, protests in the Arab world, a civil war in Libya and many other things.


After advancing to the Information Age, players are given a new palette of buildings to build, technologies to research, and units to create. Reaching this age is a late-game event, and mainly offers new technologies to research. These advanced technologies include Artificial Intelligence, Global Prosperity, World Government, and Missile Shield. Each offering unique abilities for the player.


The icon of the Information Age is based on the Petronas Towers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers(bottomview)

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