Production Queue

The gray ∞ button to the right turns Infinite Queue on and off.

Infinite Queue (hotkey Q) is an option of all structures that have the ability to create units. When activated, a building will continue to produce units in the order currently specified in its queue for as long as there are resources available to produce them and the Population Limit allows for it. When a unit is created, it is automatically placed at the end of the queue and will be produced again.

Infinite Queue can be activated and deactivated by pressing the small gray button with the infinity symbol ∞ right to the progress bar or by pressing Q. When activated, the ∞ button will flash green.

If you're lacking the resources to produce an item, it is not produced and automatically removed from the queue. Reaching the population limit will not deactivate the Infinite Queue - the building continues to produce new items as soon as the limit is increased.

You can add technology/upgrade research items with the Infinite Queue activated: The research item is simply added to the end of queue and will be processed eventually, before the queue picks up where it left off.

Infinite Queue becomes especially powerful with the Artificial Intelligence future technology researched, which allows to produce units instantly.

Examples Edit

  • Producing lots of infantry (see image): Select a Barracks, click on Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry and Archer (or press G, H, A), then press the ∞ button or Q. The Barracks will now create Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry and Archers in that order until you run out of required resources or the population limit is reached.
  • Fill a University with Scholars: Select the University, press Scholar or V and then the ∞ button or Q. The University will create new scholars until all slots are filled, you run out of Wealth or the population limit is reached.
  • Automatically create Caravans until the Caravan Limit is hit: Select a Market, click the Caravan icon or press V, then the ∞ button or Q. The Market will create Caravans until the limit is reached. When the limit is raised or Caravans are lost (killed), the Market will automatically create new Caravans until the limit is hit again.
  • Airbases automatically replacing lost Bombers or Fighters: Select an Airbase and click on the Bomber and/or Fighter icon, then press the ∞ button or Q. The Airbase will produce new units until the capacity (10 units) is reached. However, Infinite Queue remains activated and will automatically resume production whenever an aircraft is lost.
  • Works with Missile Silos as well: Start building a missile and press the ∞ button or Q to have the missile automatically replaced after it is launched.