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Usage Edit

The Howitzer, like artillery units in general, is used to effectively take out enemy buildings from a safe distance and to bring down a city's defenses, so Infantry and Cavalry units may capture it. The Howitzer outranges all defensive structures like Forts and Towers. It is also somewhat effective when attacking enemy artillery and slow-moving ships like Battleships. However, despite its ability to deal splash damage, it's pretty useless against other units or even crowds.

While the Howitzer moves and deploys faster than it's predecessors, it is still very slow, making it an easy prey for fast moving units like Fighter aircraft and Ranged Cavalry / Armored Vehicles.

Keep in mind that artillery units require a nearby Supply Wagon or a Despot/Monarch/Comrade Patriot to operate at full efficiency - without supply modern artillery reloads and fires only at half their usual rate.

Improving unit stats Edit

Some rare resources improve artillery units, when hooked up by a Merchant from the Market:

  • Copper increases the unit's hit points by 20%.
  • Sulphur decreases unit cost by 20%.

Artillery weapons receive an armor upgrade from a nearby General or Patriot unit. They will not get the increased attack range bonus usually given by a CEO patriot unit. The Turks have the Power of Siege, making their siege and artillery units more powerful: They get free +3 range and +3 Line of Sight. Their artillery also upgrades for free and they get 2 free artillery units whenever completing a Siege Factory or Factory.