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The Howitzer is the artillery unit of the Modern Age. It can built at the Factory, once a nation has developed Military Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms), requiring both Metal Metal and Oil Oil to be produced. Like all artillery units, it takes up two population points.

The Germans use a special model for this unit called "Hummel" (see below).

Production details Edit

Unlike its predecessors, the Howitzer requires Oil Oil instead of Timber Timber to be built, thereby reducing the significance of the latter resource for unit production, while making Oil more important. Production cost increases for every unit of the same type, whether on the field or currently in production, by a fixed +20 Metal Metal / +20 Oil Oil. However, the maximum cost for a Howitzer unit is capped at 225 Metal Metal / 225 Oil Oil, reached with 7 units. Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Upgrading details Edit

The Howitzer upgrades from the Industrial Age Artillery, thereby getting an additional +28 hit points, +6 attack strength, +1 attack range and +4 movement speed. It also packs and unpacks a bit faster.

Once a nation hits the Information Age, the Howitzer can be upgraded to the final artillery unit in the game, the Rocket Artillery.

Howitzer (Hummel)

Unique unit model "Hummel" used by the Germans.


The standard unit model for most of the nations is based on the American M7 Priest self-propelled artillery vehicle, however The Germans, Romans and Spanish use a unique model for this unit called "Hummel", which, however, has the same stats as the regular Howitzer unit. The "Hummel" (German: "bumble bee") was a self-propelled artillery used by the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. - See Hummel on Wikipedia for details.