Holland is a territory in the Conquer the World in Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. It is mostly a capital for the Dutch, but picking Randomize Nation Positions will cause any nation to start there.

Borders and Sail routes Edit

On land Holland shares borders with:

In sea Holland shares sea borders with:

Tribute, bonus cards, resources and armies Edit

Holland is a capital territory, so it has no resource bonus, no tribute bonus and no bonus card bonus. If the player conquers Holland from defeating the Dutch they gain the Dutch Oath of Fealty.

Continent Edit

Holland is situated in Europe among with other territories (Alps, Spain) in the Conquer the World.

Conquest Edit

The only way to take over a capital is by Conquest, but if Holland already has been taken over by another nation, you can conquer it by simplier methodes like Tactics.

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