Helicopters are a class of units and type of Aircraft. The first unit of this class, the Helicopter, becomes available in the Modern Age.

Like Fighter Aircraft and Bomber Aircraft, Helicopters are built at the Airbase, with production requiring both Wealth Wealth and Oil Oil. Unlike other Aircraft, however, they are not garrisoned at the Airbase; they do not need to return to the Airbase to refuel.

Helicopters are effective in taking out Artillery Weapons, Tanks and Submarines as well as special units like Supply Wagons and Generals. They receive a massive damage bonus against Tanks in particular. They also act as detectors, revealing hidden enemy units.

Helicopters can be countered with mobile Anti-Aircraft and Air Defense Structures, modern Light Ships and even modern Infantry. They can be directly attacked by many ground units, even Slingers, as well as by buildings; although a Fort for example cannot otherwise hit air units, it can attack Helicopters.

Units Edit

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age None Unavaliable
Classical age small Classical Age None Unavaliable
Medieval age small Medieval Age None Unavaliable
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age None Unavaliable
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age None Unavaliable
Industrial age small Industrial Age None Unavaliable
Modern age small Modern Age Helicopter Helicopters
Information age small Information Age Attack Helicopter Helicopters

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