Heavy Ships are a line of ships produced at the Dock, Anchorage, and Shipyard. They are the most heavily armored and slow-moving of the military ships produced at the Dock. All of them feature a ranged attack.

All Heavy Ships are strong against Light Ships and Bombardment Ships, but weak against Fire Ships, Submarines, and Aircraft. They can function as shore bombardment ships in a pinch as well.

Heavy Ships Unit Series Edit

The Heavy Ships have one upgrade per age, giving a total of eight standard units in the Heavy Ships unit series. Each upgrade requires the corresponding Age Upgrade and Military Upgrade.

Upgrade table Edit

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age Trireme Heavy Ship
Classical age small Classical Age Galley Heavy Ship
Medieval age small Medieval Age Carrack Heavy Ship
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Frigate Heavy Ship
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Man o' War Heavy Ship
Industrial age small Industrial Age Dreadnought Heavy Ship
Modern age small Modern Age Battleship Heavy Ship
Information age small Information Age Advanced Battleship Heavy Ship