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Heavy Horse Archer
The Heavy Horse Archer is the standard Ranged Cavalry of the Medieval Age Medieval Age, available to upgrade from the Horse Archer as soon as the age is reached. Like all cavalry of the age, it is trained and upgraded at the Stable.

Overview Edit

After Horse Archers become Heavy Horse Archers, they gain +17 hit points, +2 attack strength and +1 armor. As with all Ranged Cavalry, Heavy Horse Archers can fire even while moving, which combined with their bonus damage against Civilians and Support Units, makes them raiders par excellence, only Light Cavalry being able to reach and neutralize Heavy Horse Archers with ease.

Foot Archers can also inflict serious damage to them, if they are able to get into reach, but any other unit type may have problems catching a troop of Heavy Horse Archers that maneuvers well enough, and the slow Heavy Infantry in particular doesn't stand a chance. As with all other animal-borne cavalry units, the Heavy Horse Archer can garrison inside Forts, but not inside Towers.

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