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Heavy Fire Lances Screen

A Heavy Fire Lances unit.

Heavy Fire Lances are the Chinese unique Gunpowder Infantry of the Gunpowder Age, replacing the regular Arquebusiers. They are trained and upgraded at the Barracks.

Heavy Fire Lances upgrade Medieval Age Fire Lances. By upgrading, the unit receives +22 hit points, +1 armor, +4 attack strength, +2 attack range, and +2 line of sight.

In comparison to the Arquebusiers they replace, Heavy Fire Lances have a slightly higher rate of fire, +2 attack range and +2 line of sight. They also trigger a special burning death animation on target infantry units if they score the final hit.

Training Edit

Training cost for this unit increases progressively with every Barracks unit on the field or currently in production. However, the maximum cost for Heavy Fire Lances is capped at 157 Food Food / 135 Timber Timber. Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Background Edit

Fire Lances or fire spears are one of the first gunpowder weapons in the world. They are a type of long, bamboo pipe with gunpowder and a spear inside. When lit, the gunpowder's pressure shoots the spear out as a flaming projectile (the reason why infantry killed by it display the same dying animation as being hit by a flamethrower) causing serious damage to whatever is it. In reality, is is a one-use weapon as the gunpowder would often damage the bamboo stick beyond repair, so a large supply would be carried. It was a valuable weapon to the Chinese.