Gunpowder Infantry

The standard Gunpowder Infantry: Arquebusiers (front) and Musketeers.

Gunpowder Infantry is a mid-game class of infantry units in Rise of Nations, with its first units becoming available in the Gunpowder Age. They are trained and upgraded at the Barracks, requiring both Food and Timber.

The first Gunpowder Infantry units to become available are Arquebusiers, which upgrade from the now-obsolete Light Infantry. They are somewhat mobile, but slow-firing infantry units with low armor, effective in fighting the slow-moving Heavy Infantry, Artillery Weapons and Support Units - as well as Foot Archers, which are still in service at this point. Gunpowder Infantry units are also somewhat effective against Ranged Cavalry. The damage bonus increase they receive when fighting Heavy Infantry, compared with that of the previous Light Infantry they replace, makes the upgrade worthwhile, despite its cost.

In the Enlightenment Age, the Foot Archers class becomes obsolete as well and its units, along with all Arquebusiers, are upgraded to Musketeers. These receive an additional damage bonus against Heavy Infantry, to counter the Heavy Infantry's new use of ranged weapons.

With the advent of automatic rifles in the Industrial Age, Gunpowder Infantry becomes obsolete and is replaced with the faster-moving and more versatile Modern Infantry.

Gunpowder Infantry can be countered with cavalry units.

Note: Gunpowder Infantry receive a 25% bonus to movement, so even though they are given a move speed of 24 in unitrules.xml, they will actually move as fast as Elite Javelineers, which have a move speed of 30.

Upgrade table Edit

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age Slingers / Bowmen Light Infantry / Foot Archers
Classical age small Classical Age Javelineers / Archers Light Infantry / Foot Archers
Medieval age small Medieval Age Elite Javelineers / Crossbowmen Light Infantry / Foot Archers
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Arquebusiers (upgrades all Light Infantry) Gunpowder Infantry
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Musketeers (upgrades all Foot Archers) Gunpowder Infantry
Industrial age small Industrial Age Riflemen Modern Infantry
Modern age small Modern Age Infantry Modern Infantry
Information age small Information Age Assault Infantry Modern Infantry

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