Great Lakes
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Fertile land map filled with large lakes useful for fishing, naval power, and infiltrating armies..

Great Lakes is a land map type in Rise of Nations. The map always generates about 5 to 7 lakes towards it's center, each holding several fish and oil resources as well as the possibility to built Docks and naval units. Starting locations are placed symmetrically near the edges.

Default terrain sets to appear: 13 sets out of 17 to appear with this map, with higher chances for any of the 'autumn' (30%) or 'dirty' (20%) terrain sets. See article Terrain on how to set specific terrain sets, i.e., if you want to have a guaranteed arctic or desert terrain.

Resources Edit

  • Timber Timber (Forests): Average.
  • Metal Metal (Mountains): Average.
  • Oil Oil: Average. Players gets at least one source of Oil near their starting locations. To gain access to the Oil patches in the lakes you need to own at least one Dock, otherwise your workers won't be able to embark.
  • Rare resources: Plenty. Some nations like the Nubians or the Dutch will have an edge here. If you control many rare resources, research Taxation techs at a Temple and try to get the Porcelain Tower to make the most out of it. The lakes usually contain 3 to 5 Fish resources.

Strategies Edit

Button - Auto Transport

  • When maneuvering larger armies around the land bridges, you will often see some of the units turning into Transport Ships, thereby becoming very vulnerable to enemy fire. To prevent this from happening, turn off Auto Transport (hotkey: T) in the command menu while having the army selected.
  • The area in the map center is almost always land and has several rare resources to exploit, making it a strategically powerful location for a city. However, usually it is also very exposed to enemy attacks.
  • Build a Dock and create fishing boats to increase the gather rates for both Food and Gold by +10 per fishing spot. This can be a viable strategy especially early on.
  • You can use bombardment ships like Bomb Ketches and later Dreadnoughts and Battleships to attack enemy buildings and cities located near the coast. Note that ships do not take damage from attrition.
  • Predicting where enemy land units will traverse is easier compared to most of the other maps due to the restricted amount of terrain. It is possible to construct redoubts around land masses and coastlines to hinder the progress of enemies.
  • Generally, the lakes are located towards the center of the map so some players may decide to have their capital(s) at the corners.
  • It is possible to invade enemy territory by sea, however, remember that Transport Ships are very vulnerable to attacks, especially from Forts, Towers and Cities.

AI behaviour Edit

  • AI players rarely build Docks and naval units on this map. This also means, that there is usually no need to protect bombardment vessels and fishing boats.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Great Lakes is one of the map types available in the demo.

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