The Senate building.

Governments are a new feature added in the Thrones & Patriots expansion. They are researched at the Senate and give certain benefits to a nation, as well as a special General unit, the Patriot.

Governments are policies and systems that run, control, and stabilize what you uphold your nation's benefits and other commodities in Rise of Nations gameplay. The Senate, your legislative builiding, researches new Governments to better your country's glory.

Types of GovernmentsEdit


Patriot units from all ages.

A nation may choose its first government when reaching the Classical age small Classical Age, a second government in the Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age, and its final government in Industrial age small Industrial Age.

Each time a nation picks a new government, it may pick either a 'totalitarian government' (red icons, research hotkey ) or a 'concensus government' (green icons). Bonuses from previous governments are kept, and the Patriot unit is replaced with a stronger version, with his new abilities depending on the new government chosen.

Totalitarian Governments Edit

Totalitarian governments are devoted to military development and warfare, benefiting nations fielding lots of units and often waging wars. Their patriots are oriented to offensive warfare and always give the benefits of a Supply Wagon (eliminate attrition and provide supply for artillery units).

In modding, Totalitarian governments are known as "red" governments because of the prevailing colour of the vanilla tech icons.

Consensus Governments Edit

Consensus/Democratic governments are dedicated to the economical and scientific development of a nation. Their patriots offer production and defense bonuses and provide healing to nearby units and buildings.

In modding, Consensus governments are known as "green" governments because of the prevailing colour of the vanilla tech icons.

Nation PowersEdit

  • The Iroquois build their first Senate immediately and for free, allowing for a quicker access to governments.
  • The Americans research governments for free.
  • The Persians can construct a secondary capital by positioning their Senate in any city other than their initial starting city.

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