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He who nourishes neither God nor man, he who eats alone, gathers sin.
- Rig-Veda, (m. 10, hymn CXVII)

Global Prosperity is one of the four Future Technologies and becomes available at the Library on the Information Age Information Age once all regular technologies have been researched. It requires a vast amount of Wealth Wealth and Knowledge Knowledge, and time to research, and researching it increases the cost for all subsequent Future Technology research.

Researching Global Prosperity...

Global Prosperity is not considered a Commerce Commerce Research - a connected Silk rare resource does not reduce its research cost.

Like all Future Technologies, Global Prosperity cannot be researched in Conquer the World mode.

Global Prosperity, along with Artificial Intelligence, are considered the best Future Technologies for a game that will predictably drag on in a long, protracted war, as they provide almost limitless resources to developed nations (even if hit by 1 or 2 Nuclear ICBMs) and the ability to create and reinforce entire armies within seconds.