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The Germans are one of 18 nations in vanilla Rise of Nations. They have the Power of Industry.

This alludes to the fact that Germany was one of the first countries in the world to industrialize, and historically renowned for its industriousness, especially with its rapid recovery after the loss of World War I.

The Power of Industry Edit

Unique UnitsEdit

The German unique Heavy Infantry units have +10 HP, +1 armor, and a base build time of 10.7 seconds instead of 12.5 seconds (160 frames instead of 188 frames) compared with the standard units they replace. The additional armor means they survive longer against cities and towers, making them more useful for early rushes. Ancient Age hoplites have a 12% damage penalty against buildings, but the Solduri do not have this penalty, making them significantly stronger against cities early on.

The Volksgrenadiers have +10 HP and +3 moves compared with the standard Modern Age Infantry. The standard Infantry do not have the 5% damage penalty against Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry that most Light Infantry, Gunpowder Infantry, and Modern Infantry (including Volksgrenadiers) receive, so the Volksgrenadiers do less damage against those types of units compared to the units they replace.

The MG42 have the same basic stats as the standard Heavy Machine Gun they replace. However, the MG42 has a 30% damage bonus against all foot units compared to the Heavy Machine Gun.

The Tiger Tank and Leopard Tank have +1 attack damage and +10 HP compared to the standard tanks they replace. Additionally, the Tiger Tank has +1 moves, while the Leopard Tank has +2 moves. Both have a 20% damage bonus against the Machine Gun line, and a 15% damage bonus against Light Infantry, Gunpowder Infantry, and Modern Infantry, compared to the standard tanks they replace.



German unique Heavy Infantry, Ancient Age Ancient Age - powerful, slow melee units; tougher and faster to build than normal Hoplites.



German unique Heavy Infantry, Classical Age Classical Age - powerful, slow melee units; tougher and faster to build than normal Phalanx.



German unique Heavy Infantry, Medieval Age Medieval Age - powerful, slow melee units; tougher and faster to build than normal Pikemen.

True to their name, the original Vandals defaced everything they met (hence the term "Vandalism"). These guys are no short of their real life type. Their devastating attack should force cavalry users to stay clear from them.



German unique Heavy Infantry, Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age - powerful, slow melee units; tougher and faster to build than normal Elite Pikemen.

The Landsknecht were feared for their skill in battle. They are good at killing cavalry, both light and heavy, but they are weak in killing archers.



German unique Modern Infantry, Modern Age Modern Age - fast, powerful, rapid-firing foot troops; slightly tougher and faster than normal Infantry.

The Volksgrenadier was a division of the German Army in WWII, who fought against incredible odds by reducing their army line and experimenting with a gun that had still yet to be proved in battle, the StG44. This makes them a formidable enemy for all the other nations.



German unique Machine Gun, Modern Age Modern Age - moves slowly; devastating against enemy foot troops.

The Maschinengewehr 42 was arguably the most effective heavy machine gun of World War II. With a dizzying fire rate and brilliant mobility, this devastating weapon could be set up and hold down a key choke point.

Tiger TankEdit

Tiger Tank

German unique Tank, Modern Age Modern Age - armored and substantially more powerful than ordinary Tanks.

The Tiger II upon which this unit is based was one of the best tanks of the mid-20th century. Equipped with either the famous 8,8 cm FlaK gun or the 10,5 cm KwK cannon, it was able to easily take on any tank of the same period, and come out victorious. The only thing preventing it from being used more widely were massive production costs, fuel-hungry engine and over-engineering, making mass production complicated.

Leopard TankEdit

Leopard Tank

German unique Tank, Information Age Information Age - heavily armored and substantially more powerful than ordinary Tanks.

The Leopard or Leopard 1 was developed in West Germany in 1965. Developed in an era when heat warheads were thought to make conventional heavy armor of limited value. Armed with the German made version of the British L7 105mm gun.

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