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The General is a Support Unit and can be trained at a Fort. Generals are unarmed, but have access to various abilities which can bolster your army in many ways. Units must remain within the General's area of influence to receive any bonuses.

Initially, Generals provide an extra +2 Armor to nearby units, including themselves. The Tactics, Operations and Strategy technologies (researched at Forts) each increase this bonus by an additional +2, resulting in a maximum of +8 armor. Armor bonuses from multiple Generals don't stack, but multiple Generals provide redundancy and can influence a wider area.

Generals change appearance in the Gunpowder and Industrial Ages. This, however, is purely cosmetic and does not affect any of the unit's stats like speed or armor.

Upon selecting a General, a bright circle appears which indicates that any units within the circle will receive the benefits from the General.

Abilities Edit

The General has four special abilities. Using any of these abilities costs 1000 craft.

  • Forced March (hotkey Q): Increases speed for all nearby units for a short duration of time.
  • Entrenchment (hotkey B): Puts a wall of sandbags or sticks, depending on the age, in front of any nearby military units to reduce damage taken from units in front of them and from splash damage. flanking damage is unaffected from this. Note that this ability can only activate within friendly territory.
  • Create Decoys (hotkey Y): Any units nearby have decoys of themselves placed to distract the enemy so that they can attack while they are trying to kill the decoys. Otherwise, decoys are useless.
  • Ambush (hotkey V): Makes all units nearby invisible to most enemies, very useful if you want to get to an enemy's city without being attacked.

Generals also increase the armor of nearby units, including themselves and civilian units. Armor bonuses of multiple Generals won't stack. Researching Tactics, Operations and Strategy technologies at a Fort increases this bonus as well as the general's line of sight and hit points as follows:

Technology Hit points Line of Sight Armor Bonus
none 109 8 tiles +2
Tactics 156 10 tiles +4
Operations 327 12 tiles +6
Strategy 599 14 tiles +8

Training Edit

Depending on the current age, Generals are trained and upgraded at a Fort, Castle, Fortress or Redoubt.

Production cost increases for every unit of the same type, whether on the field or currently in production, by a fixed +20 Metal Metal / +20 Wealth Wealth. However, the maximum cost for General is capped at 240 Metal Metal / 240 Wealth Wealth (reached with 8 units). Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

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