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  • Forts are considerable investments and are quite powerful against most units. However, virtually all siege equipment has greater range than even upgraded forts, allowing a patient player to simply whittle down a fort's health safely out of range. This can be done both on land with traditional siege equipment and on sea with bombardment ships and, in the later ages, heavy ships.
  • In addition, Forts have no ability to attack air units whatsoever, making them especially vulnerable in the Industrial Age and above unless supported by some sort of air defense.
  • Have a Fort in your capital to reinforce its defense.
  • Garrison Foot Archers into a Fort until it has 6 attack units. It can prove to be deadly against invading troops.
  • Never build a Fort stranded all by itself. Build Towers and Air Defenses (if the prerequisites are met) to add extra defense to it.