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RoN Fort

An early age Fort.

Forts are a type of military structure.

The first Fort becomes available in the Classical Age and can be built, once Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) has been researched. All variants of Forts cost both Wealth Wealth and Metal Metal to build.

Building Tech requirements Base HP Base range
Fort Classical age small Classical Age Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) 2000 0-10 tiles
Castle Medieval age small Medieval Age Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) 2800 0-10 tiles
Fortress Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Military Military 4 (Conscription) 3700 0-11 tiles
Redoubt Modern age small Modern Age Military Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms) 4600 0-12 tiles

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