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RoN Fort
A Fort is a large defensive structure which protects an area from attacking units with projectiles, greatly expands the national borders to the surrounding area, and can field a large garrison. The Fort is also the building where and Generals and Spies are recruited, and two powerful technology lines are researched: One which increases fort range, national border expansion and hit points; and another that increases the radius, resilience and maximum craft for Generals and Spies.

All nations require to reach the Classical Age in order to build a Fort, except for one: The Romans have an uninformed national bonus of access to Forts in the Ancient Age, allowing them to take advantage of their defenses and recruit Generals earlier.

Forts automatically upgrade to a Castle, Fortress, and Redoubt in the Medieval, Enlightenment, and Modern Ages, respectively, given a high enough level of military technology.

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RoN Farm

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