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Disambiguous This article is about the Classical Age Fort. For general information on Fort-type buildings of all ages, see Forts.
RoN Fort

The Fort is the first Fort-type building of the Classical Age Classical Age, available for construction after the age is reached and Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) is researched.

Overview Edit

Forts are defensive buildings meant to protect an area more effectively than a Tower; being larger, tougher and more damaging, with faster and stronger shots. Forts also expand the national borders to a great extension of their surrounding area, much like Cities, and can field a large garrison. The Fort is also the building where and Generals and Spies are recruited, and two powerful technology lines are researched: One which increases fort range, national border expansion and hit points; and another that increases the radius, resilience and maximum craft for Generals and Spies.

Related Nation Powers Edit

  • Though undisclosed in game descriptions, the Romans have premature access to Forts. They can already build them in the Ancient Age, allowing them to take advantage of their defenses and recruit Generals earlier.