Building Overview Game Strategies History
The Forbidden City must be your "last city standing" when you're playing against an enemy incredibly powerful (like the Germans or the Americans). The attributes and abilities of this wonders can help you in the worst moments of your empire, granting a trickle of 50 resources, and your civilization become unbeatable with enemy Capital conquest, because the Capital timers don't affect you, converting the Forbidden City wonder in a very versatile wonder to face enemies which seek a conquest victory taking other civilization city Capitals. But this wonder also have its own weaknesses: the trickle of resources is each 30 seconds, those seconds sometimes never are handful when you're overwhelmed by your enemies and you must defend the wonder with defensive buildings like towers, AA positions and forts in order to preserve your city at all costs. The last good thing of this building is its great economic radius, which is wider than a common city, allowing the player to build more buildings inside its radius.

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