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The Forbidden City should be your "last city standing" when you're playing against a powerful enemy (like the Germans or the Americans). The attributes and abilities of this wonder can help you in the worst moments of your nation, granting a trickle of 50 Food Food and Timber Timber, and your nation will become unbeatable with enemy Capital conquest, because capital timers don't affect you, converting the Forbidden City into a very versatile wonder to face enemies which seek a conquest victory by taking other civilization city capitals. A weakness of this wonder is that the trickle of resources is 30 seconds each, which is a long time to wait when you're overwhelmed by enemies, so you must defend the wonder with defensive buildings like towers and forts in order to preserve your city at all costs. Another advantage of this city is its bigger economic radius, which is larger than that of a normal city, allowing you to build more buildings inside its radius.