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Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is one of the three Wonders of the Medieval Age Medieval Age and one of the three new Wonders added in the Thrones and Patriots expansion.


  • Wonder of the World: 2 Wonder Point wonder point(s).
  • Counts as a bonus Major City in your nation (it does not count against the City Limit City Limit). Can be built wherever a City can and its build location is not revealed to the enemy until it is completed.
  • Gathers +50 Food Food and Timber Timber (per 30 seconds) instead of the usual +10/+10 (given by normal cities).
  • Capital timers and sudden death elimination do not affect you.
  • Does not count against a city's Wonder limit (normally 1 Wonder per city; i.e. you can create another Wonder inside the radius of Forbidden City).

Conquer the WorldEdit

When the Forbidden City is held in your empire but not present in the current battle:

  • Doubles your own capital timer and halves enemy capital timers.


  • The Forbidden City is one of the four wonders that produces units and can create a Rally Point; the others are the Terra Cotta Army, the Red Fort, and the Kremlin.
  • For some reason, computer players never build this wonder regardless of the difficulty level played at.