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The Forbidden City is one of three wonders added by the Thrones & Patriots expansion. It becomes available in the Medieval age small Medieval Age and requires both Food Food and Timber Timber to build (like regular cities).

Effects Edit

  • 2 Wonder point Wonder Points.
  • Counts as a bonus Major City in your nation, which does not count against the City Limit. Can be built wherever a City can and its build location is not revealed to the enemy until it is completed.
  • Gathers +50 Food Food and Timber Timber per 30 seconds, instead of the usual +10/+10.
  • Capital Timers do not affect you.

In Conquer the World mode when not in territory:

  • Doubles your own capital timer and halves enemy capital timers.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, computer players never build this wonder regardless of difficulty played.
  • The Forbidden City wonder is based on the City Zijincheng imperial palace complex, built in Beijing, China, by the emperor Ming Yongle from 1406 to 1420. The "Forbidden City" was named so, because it was a vast bureaucratic complex into which no commoner or foreigner was formally allowed to enter.

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