Foot Archers

Standard Foot Archers, European style.

In Rise of Nations, Foot Archers are an early ages' infantry type, available from the Ancient Age Ancient Age to the Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age. They are trained and upgraded at the Barracks, requiring both Timber Timber and Wealth Wealth.

Foot Archers are medium-ranged, unarmored units armed with bows or crossbows. They have the largest attack range and line of sight of all infantry and cavalry units and are very effective when fighting the slow-moving Heavy Infantry as well as Ranged Cavalry. They can be countered with Light Infantry, Light Cavalry, and Heavy Cavalry.

Foot Archers eventually become obsolete, and transform into Gunpowder Infantry. Unlike the Light Infantry, this change doesn't happen in the Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age right away. Standard Foot Archers remain the same as in the Medieval Age Medieval Age, receiving no upgrade. Unique Foot Archers however, have a Gunpowder Age upgrade. By the Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age, all Foot Archers merge into the Gunpowder Infantry type, standard Crossbowmen/Heavy Archers upgrading to Musketeers.

Upgrade Table Edit

Age Unit Type
Ancient Age Ancient Age Bowmen Foot Archers
Classical Age Classical Age Archers Foot Archers
Medieval Age Medieval Age Crossbowmen/Heavy Archers Foot Archers
Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age No upgrade Foot Archers
Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age Musketeers Gunpowder Infantry
Industrial Age Industrial Age Riflemen Modern Infantry
Modern Age Modern Age Infantry Modern Infantry
Information Age Information Age Assault Infantry Modern Infantry