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Fishermen are small, unarmed fishing boats used to gather Fish and Whales. They are immediately available at the Dock and require only Timber Timber to create. They have 170 hit points, no armor and can be repaired at the Dock.

Fishermen need to be sent to a Fish or Whales rare resource in order to gather basic resources. Fish and Whales appear on the minimap as green spots in the ocean. Currently unexploited resource locations blink on the minimap if a fishing boat is selected. Once a Fishermen unit arrives at a resource location, it deploys itself and a fishing net appears next to the boat. Only one Fishermen unit per nation is allowed to gather at a particular location. Deployed Fishermen can be ordered to pack again, causing them to haul in the net and become mobile again. The deploying/packing process takes around 3 seconds.

Fishermen units have a very limited vision range (line of sight) so they usually have to rely on other ships (like the early Bark) to spot resource locations and incoming enemies for them. Because of their rather slow speed and packing time Fishermen are usually easy prey for most combat vessels, with the few exceptions being Triremes, Galleys and basic Fire Rafts.

Gather rates Edit


Fishing boat from the Gunpowder Age to the Industrial Age.

Fishermen gather a base income of 10 Food Food / 10 Wealth Wealth from Fish and 10 Food Food / 10 Metal Metal from Whales (connected Whales resources also give a 20% movement speed bonus to sailing ships).

The food production rate of Fishermen can be increased by researching Agriculture (+50%), Crop Rotation (+100%) and Food Industry (+200%) at the Granary. The non-food gathering rates are increased by researching Taxation technologies at the Temple: Taxation adds a bonus of +20%, Vassalage +50%, Social Contract +100% and Tax Income +200%.

Note, that the Porcelain Tower and the Nubians' nation powers both have no effect on gather rates of Fishermen, as ocean is always considered neutral territory.

Upgrades Edit

  • The Japanese receive a 25% bonus on the base gather rate of Fishermen.
    Fishermen (Modern)

    Fishing boat from the Industrial Age onwards.

  • The rare resource Copper, when connected by a Merchant, increases the hitpoints of ships and Factory units by 20%. Fishermen receive an upgrade of 34 hit points from this for a total of 204 hit points.
  • Whales, when connected by Fishermen, increase the speed of Fishermen and other sailing ships by 20%.
  • This is the only non-military unit that can be built in the docks.

Model Edit

The modern fishing boat is modeled after the Orca, the shark fishing boat from the 1975 horror/thriller film Jaws.

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