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Fire Raft

The Fire Raft is the standard Fire Ship of the Classical Age Classical Age, available to build as soon as the age is reached. Like all ships of the age, it is built and upgraded at the Dock.

Overview Edit

The Fire Raft is the first Fire Ship in the game, and its appearance means that Heavy Ships now have a counter, and Light Ships have a unit to counter, making the main "triangle" that defines naval combat for most of the game. Unlike the other naval units, Fire Rafts, and Fires Ships in general, need to close in to an enemy to attack it, are destroyed upon impact, navigate relatively slow, have low hit points, and occupy two population slots, unlike most units. Despite this, their attack is devastating; exceeding by far the damage output of any other ship type, and deals area of effect damage (read below for details), easily hitting several ships in formation. They also outrun Heavy Ships, and against them their already high damage is further increased, being destroyed instantly if hit directly. Light Ships can outrun them easily and take them down with a few hits. However, the high damage of the Fire Raft means that a massed attack can defeat even an fleet of Light Ships, if unwary.

Damage Edit

A Fire Raft's attack strength is of 53. However, since it deals splash damage in a 2 tile radius, it varies depending on the area it hits: Dealing 111 (210%) damage at point-blank, and lowering the farthest it is from within that radius.

Unit Costs Edit

Unit production cost increases progressively with every Dock unit on the field or currently in production. The default increase is of 1 Wealth Wealth for the second unit created, increasing further with every new unit until the cost cap is reached, which for military units is +125% of their original base value; in the case of Fire Rafts that is 45 Timber Timber, 90 Wealth Wealth. It's important to note, however, that these prices are the default standard, and actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies/ages, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

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Trivia Edit

  • Some players consider the sheer destructive power of Fire Ships to be unfair and unbalanced, to the point there is a guide in this wiki to remove them. See Fire Ships: Modding if interested.