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Please note: The following article or section is fan fiction (fanon) created by users of this wiki.
It is not part of the official game, its addon or any mods.

The Filipinos are one of the fictional nations in Rise of Nations. They have the Power of AlDub

Nation Powers Edit

  • Caravan generates 470% more gold
  • Population increases faster

Unique Units Edit

The Filipino's unique Heavy Infantry units have +30 more health compared to standard units they replace. Filipinos also have a unique Heavy Ship in Ancient age.

In Information age, the Filipinos also get unique Gunpowder Infantry.

Datu Edit

Filipino unique Heavy Infantry , - Ancient Age - powerful, fast, melee unit.

Balanghay Edit

Filipino unique Heavy Ship, - Ancient Age - powerful, fast naval unit.

Elite Datu Edit

Filipino unique Heavy Infantry, - Classical Age - powerful, fast, melee unit.

Enlightened Datu Edit

Filipino unique Heavy Infantry

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