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Carriers launching Fighter Bombers

Carriers launching Fighter Bombers.

The Fighter Bomber is a multi-role fighter aircraft, which operates from Aircraft Carriers. It becomes available in the Modern age small Modern Age, along with carriers.

The Fighter Bomber's stats are almost identical to that of the land-based Fighter, including unit cost, production speed and operation range. However, the Fighter Bomber has a slightly weaker attack, but 62 more hit points (a plus of 45%) and the ability to bombard, causing extra damage to buildings and splash damage to nearby targets. This makes the Fighter Bomber more versatile and durable compared to its land-based cousin.

Operating Fighter Bombers Edit

Each carrier comes with a full wing of seven Fighter Bombers. If an aircraft is lost, it can be replaced at the carrier, requiring both Wealth Wealth and Oil Oil. Note: Unlike what the Carrier's tooltip states, lost aircraft are not automatically replaced – this has to be done manually.

The Fighter Bomber's default command is Air Mission and it can be given from the aircraft itself (by right clicking) or from the carrier (only if there is at least one fighter in the carrier's hangars). If open ground is targeted, the Fighter Bomber moves to the location and begins to patrol the area, automatically attacking enemy units within range, while ignoring any nearby buildings (including stationary AA defenses). If a unit or building is targeted with this command, the Fighter Bomber will approach and attack it. Once the target is destroyed, the aircraft switches to patrol mode.

Every once in a while, a Fighter Bomber needs to return to its carrier to refuel, reload, and repair. If Repeat Orders is activated at the carrier (by default it is), the aircraft automatically returns to its mission, once fully refueled (however, it does not wait until it's fully repaired). Fighter Bombers can also manually be given the command to return to the carrier (default key: Y), but will then forget their mission and stay at the carrier. If a Fighter Bomber's mothership is destroyed, the aircraft will automatically attempt to find a new carrier to land on, once it runs low on fuel. If no carrier with a free slot is available, the Fighter Bomber will crash to the ground.

Fighter Bombers can be assigned to a hotkey group like any unit or building. Assigning all aircraft of a carrier to a group makes it much easier to control a carrier's aircraft and to designate new target locations to the whole wing. This is especially useful as the carrier itself lacks commands to control all of its aircraft, like the Airbases Rally Point command.

Upgrading Edit

Fighter Bombers can be upgraded to Jet Fighter Bombers, after a nation has entered the Information age small Information Age and developed Military Military 7 (Selective Service). Researching Jet Fighters at an Airbase upgrades both the land-based Fighters and the carrier-based Fighter Bombers.

Aluminum, a rare resource, reduces the base cost of Fighter Bombers (and all other aircraft) by 15% and increases their speed by 25%.

Model Edit

The Fighter Bomber's unit model is based on the F4U Corsair, a carrier-capable fighter aircraft, developed by US manufacturer Chance Vought and produced between 1940 and 1952. It was operated by the US Navy, US Marines, British Royal Navy and other forces during World War II and was also used during the Korean War (1950–1953).

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