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In Rise of Nations, Farms are a building dedicated to the gathering of Food Food, and, more often than not, the primary means of obtaining this basic resource.

Unlike Woodcutter's Camps, Mines, or Oil Wells, Farms can be built on any area of land without obstructions. Unlike the aforementioned buildings, however, Farms must be built within the economic radius of a city, and only a maximum of five Farms is allowed for every city, making expansion a critical component for Food Food gathering. Another difference with other gathering buildings is that only one Citizen may harvest Food Food from a Farm at any given time. However, a Farm's bulding speed may still be sped up if more than one Citizen is sent to build it. Upon a Farm's construction, its nation receives the immediate bonus of 20 Food Food.

A Granary can be built after reaching the Classical Age Classical Age to further increase the output of a Farm.

Nation powers Edit

  • The Egyptian Power of the Nile: Can build 7 Farms per city instead of the standard 5. Farms also generate +2 Wealth Wealth when gathered.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Farms do not rise in cost.
  • The Japanese Power of Honour: Farms are 50% cheaper and generate +25% Food Food.
  • Due to their Power of the Plains, the Lakota are the only nation unable to construct or gather from Farms. Instead, Lakota gather Food Food automatically for every ungarrisoned Citizen, Scout, and Cavalry unit they have. Captured Farms will be instantly destroyed.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Farms have +25% hit points, are built 20% faster and costs 25% less Timber Timber.

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