Descended from warlike, cruel and brutal tribes pledged to the cause of Evil on Magnamund, the Drakkar Nations care for nothing except the glory of battle and the swift destruction of their enemies. Aid from the Darklords of Helgedad has endowed the Drakkarim with the Power of Siegecraft which they use to great effect against their neighbours, particularly the stubborn and vile Lencians who thus far have thwarted all attempts to cross the Tentarium and claim what is rightfully theirs: all lands of western Magnamund.

Nation powers Edit

Tech roster Edit

The Drakkar way of war can best be described as "bigger, harder and badder" - and those who underestimate the power of their armies will soon learn just how big, hard and bad the Drakkarim can be. While clearly not as advanced as the Forces of Darkness nor as rich as the Vassagonian or Vaduzhan thalassocracies, the Drakkar Nation can still carry a hefty punch, weighing in with their all-powerful heavy assault infantry.


Unlike most factions, the Forces of Darkness don't build farms, granaries or peasant dwellings. Instead, they build Fell Pits, which drain the amount of Krateia Influence that your unique Sage/Sorcerer units, the Liganim, create from the Conclaves to generate food. Units for Bhanar are thought to resemble those of Qin China.



  • Conscripts - essentially lightly armoured spearmen. "Asian" units have axes and quilted tunics.


  • Militia
  • Pikemen
  • Crossbowmen


  • Slavers - light missile cavalry
  • Scout Cavalry
  • Horse Archers

Noble Residence?

  • Heavy Horse Archers

Meeting House/PalaceEdit

  • Imperial Foot Guards (shared with Chai)
  • Imperial Guards Lancers (Bhanarian unique)
  • Imperial Battlemage
  • Autarch (Bhanar gets no patriots)


  • Raiders
  • Steppe Huntsmen
  • Steppe Nomads

Siege WorkshopEdit

  • Ram
  • Mangonel
  • Scorpion => Steam Gun


  • Tainted units - Bhanar can "taint" units once sufficent magic/corruption is achieved). My guess is that these units gain added attack versus "conventional" units, meaning that you must then either use flame-based attacks to finish them off.
  • Tiger Idol - a fiendish device used to detect hidden units. Moves very slowly.


  • Bakroz
  • Hurdaan
  • Magnaarn
  • Ranghor
  • Shinzar
  • Thorkrag
  • Venorah
  • Zashnor
  • Zegron


  • Darke ★
  • Aztardat
  • Bix
  • Cragmantle
  • Eginazee
  • Fornost
  • Gagheza
  • Gazikrak
  • Gazkon
  • Konozod
  • Lazordo
  • Akagadar
  • Blackshroud
  • Dantog
  • Gukona
  • Hajkona
  • Kagorst
  • Klakona
  • Konanen
  • Lozonzee
  • Nazee
  • Nenzee
  • Akluz
  • Odakzee
  • Shugkona
  • Shukzee
  • Shypdar
  • Tanoz
  • Tanozheza
  • Tukor
  • Xanar
  • Zeegazad
  • Zegkot

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