The Factory is a late game military building, where artillery and anti-air units as well as Supply Wagons are built. It upgrades from the Siege Factory automatically and for free, when a nation enters the Industrial Age. Upgrading has no effect on the building's stats and ramping cost - with one exception: For some reason the base cost changes from 60 Timber/60 Metal to 120 Timber, same as Barracks and Stables/Auto Plants now.

Types of units built at the Factory:

Being a military structure, it may be built anywhere within friendly (own or allied) borders. The ramping cost is doubled for every three buildings of the same type, whether existing or under construction.

Like Siege Factories, Factories may be garrisoned by all types of units they create. Garrisoned units are safe from taking damage and are slowly repaired in the Factory if they are Factory units. The maximum garrison capacity is 20, with siege/artillery units taking up 2 slots each.

If Advanced Options are turned on, a button will show up in the Factory's control panel, allowing to enable or disable the Auto Deploy stance for newly created artillery units. It has no effect on garrisoned units ejected from the building.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Turks receive two free artillery units whenever completing a Factory. Their artillery is also upgraded immediately and for free, when technology requirements are met.
  • The French receive a free Supply Wagon when they complete a Factory. Also, French Supply Wagons heal your units within their radius, and French Factory units move 25% faster.
  • For the Indians, most buildings do not rise in cost, including the Factory.
  • The Lakota may build Factories (and other military structures) in neutral territory as well.

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