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The Explorer is the standard scouting unit of the Medieval Age Medieval Age, available to upgrade from the Scout and are trained at the Barracks.

Overview Edit

After Scouts become Explorers, they gain +10 hit points, +3 attack range (for Counterintelligence), +1 movement speed and +2 line of sight, as well as +500 Craft Craft. They are also invisible to the enemy while not moving, thus cannot be targeted or attacked by enemy units; only units with ability to detect hidden units, including other Scouts, Helicopters and Lookouts (along with all upgrades) can spot them.

Explorers are specialized in exploring, so their main use is revealing the map and collecting Ruin bonuses in the early game. They also get +2 line of sight per level of Science Science Research. Even though Light Cavalry are faster, the Explorer's superior line of sight and gradual improvement ensures that they are more fit for exploring.

Being a support unit, Explorers are incapable of attacking anything except enemy Spies, which appear later on. For this purpose they have the Detector ability to find hidden units, and Counterintelligence to eliminate the Spies in question.

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