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Elite Pikemen
Elite Pikemen are the standard Heavy Infantry of the Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age, avaliable to upgrade from Pikemen as soon as the age is reached. Like all infantry, Elite Pikemen are trained and upgraded at the Barracks.

Overview Edit

After Pikemen become Elite Pikemen, they gain +25 hit points, +2 attack strength, and +1 line of sight. Like Heavy Infantry of previous ages, they are still the best solution to face enemy Heavy Cavalry, and will also take down Light Cavalry with ease, and good attacking buildings.

However, they are more vulnerable overall compared with previous ages, given the bonus the new Gunpowder units receive against them, being very weak against the new Gunpowder Infantry when they were strong against their predecessors, still weak against Foot Archers, and even weaker against the new, gunpowder-armed Ranged Cavalry. They also increase considerably in price (+10 Food Food, +20 Metal Metal base cost, which affects both ramping costs and the upgrade itself), despite receiving an improvement exactly the same as that of previous ages; so basically, they improve to the same degree as before, in an age where everyone else improves even further. Combined with the fact that Fusiliers of the following age, have the same increase in cost, but gain the ability to attack at range, makes the consideration of delay upgrading a sensible one in certain situations.

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