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Elite Javelineers
Elite Javelineers are the standard Light Infantry of the Medieval Age Medieval Age, available to upgrade from Javelineers and are trained at the Barracks.

Overview Edit

After Javelineers become Elite Javelineers, they gain +15 hit points, +1 moves, and +2 attack strength. Like their predecessors, Elite Javelineers are weak against most Light and Heavy Cavalry, but are the most effective against Foot Archers. Lacking the speed of Light Cavalry and the bonuses agains Civilians of Ranged Cavalry, they are still the best choice to deal with an enemy that relies on Foot Archers heavily, being competent in harassing and raiding.

Elite Javelineers are the last Light Infantry; they can be upgraded to Gunpowder Infantry in the Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age, which drastically changes their role alongside many of their previous strengths and weaknesses.

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Trivia Edit

  • The European style Elite Javelineers are likely modeled after the Almughavars.