Elephants are a special type of Cavalry, only seen in Indian and Persian armies as part of their Unique Unit lines. Unlike other unique units, Elephants are a standalone type, as they do not replace any standard unit. They are close to Horse Archers in terms of stats and bonuses, specially from the Mahout upgrade onwards (sharing the OBJ_MASK flags OMR and OMG and their damage bonuses, and being able to fire while moving). Elephants have a 100% damage bonus against Heavy Infantry, and a 20% damage bonus against Artillery Weapons. Their weakness are Foot Archers, which have a 70% damage bonus against Elephants, Light Infantry, which has a 50% bonus, and Heavy Cavalry, which has a 15% damage bonus. Elephants also have a 5% damage penalty against Heavy Cavalry and a 34% penalty against Civilians and Support Units. War Elephants in particular have a 50% (instead of the 34%) damage penalty against Civilians.

Upgrade Table Edit

Age Unit Type
Ancient Age Ancient Age None Unavaliable
Classical Age Classical Age War Elephant Elephants
Medieval Age Medieval Age Mahout Elephants
Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age Gun Mahout Elephants
Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age Culverin Mahout Elephants
Industrial Age Industrial Age Light Tank Tanks
Modern Age Modern Age Tank Tanks
Information Age Information Age Main Battle Tank Tanks

Trivia Edit

  • Elephants are the only unit type comprised entirely of unique units.
  • Elephants are also the only unique units in the game to be shared by two nations.

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