East Indies
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Lots of islands; lots of resources. Bring your navy.

East Indies is a sea map type in Rise of Nations, available in skirmish or multiplayer games. The players start on small islands towards the map's edges. There are lots of other small islands, providing a nation with additional sources of Metal and Timber, as well as rare resources.

Resources Edit

  • Timber Timber (Forests): Scarce. Most islands have small forests on it, but usually you will have to boost Timber production by building Lumber Mills and connect certain rare resources which provide additional Timber production. Playing as the French and building the Temple of Tikal wonder also helps.
  • Metal Metal (Mountains): Average. Each player's island gets a mountain, others can be found on the other islands. Try to colonize at least another island with a mountain on it. Note that these mountains are fairly small and can only accomade up to five workers.
  • Oil Oil: Scarce. Each player's island gets one oil patch, a few others usually can be found on the other islands. However, most of the oil is found in the oceans and needs to be gathered using Oil Platforms. Build Refineries and try to get the Eiffel Tower to boost oil production. Most of the late-game rare resources provide a steady income of oil as well.
  • Rare resources: One per each player's island, and a varying number of rare resources on most other islands. There's also a lot of Fish and Whales in the oceans.

General Strategy Edit

Make the research of Commerce Commerce 2 (Coinage) a priority at the Library, as this will allow you to colonize other islands. Send your Scouts to explore the islands in your vicinity early to find out, which ones hold important rare resources, mountains and/or lots of Timber. Try to settle the larger islands first.

As you can see there's not much space on this map to build new cities. However, you should try to found at least four cities, otherwise it can be difficult to gather enough Knowledge mid-game, due to the low number of Universities. To diversify, try to have a town specialize in gathering food and another for Timber.

Naval units are extremely important on this map. They can effectively block enemy trade routes and bombard around the coastlines of land. They will also pose a permanent threat to your Fishermen and Oil Platforms. Meanwhile, make use of your air force and bombard specific areas of the map. Note that islands featured in East Indies are fairly small thus destruction can quickly obliterate stationary units.

Land units should traverse in small groups to prevent them from moving slowly.

In order to capture enemy cities your troops will have to cross waters. While embarked on Transport Ships they are very vulnerable to enemy attacks - be careful. To protect your islands from being invaded, place Towers and Forts close to the coast. Watch out for enemy Bombardment Ships, though, as they can take out coastal fortifications with ease.

Hints Edit

  • Be especially aware of Bombardment Ships, as they will be able to reach most of the Cities and wonders on this map. Vice versa, use these ships to destroy important enemy wonders and bring down enemy cities to capture them.
  • Keep an eye on the number of Caravans - they are often sunk by enemy warships and need to be replaced constantly. Persian Caravans lost are replaced automatically. However, you can also build an Infinite Queue of Caravans at a Market to replace lost ones.
  • Be careful when sending your Merchants across sea - unwary Merchants are often sunk by enemy ships.
  • The Red Fort wonder (Thrones & Patriots) is very effective in taking out enemy war ships and transport vessels. Try to get this wonder and build it on a strategically important island. Despite it's strength, it is still vulnerable to Bombardment Ships and Aircraft.
Button - Auto Transport
  • You can prevent land units from auto-embarking by turning off Auto-Transport, either by pressing the "ship" button or using the hotkey T.

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