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The Dutch are known for their economic prowess and world exploration, and won their freedom from the Spanish Empire in the 16-17th century through a combination of commerce and privateering. Thus, unsurprisingly, their powers all revolve around two things: economic strength and naval supremacy.

Standard economic units like the Merchant and Caravan are usually easy targets for raiding units, but as the Dutch, these units fight back. Dutch Supply Wagons, Caravans, and Merchants go about their business with bows, followed by guns later on, which means that raiders had better be prepared for a fight. These units are available to the Dutch player for the duration of the game. Starting in the Medieval Age, the Dutch also have a line of powerful unique ships that are faster, stronger, and tougher than the enemy's equivalent, giving them an upper hand in taking or defending important fishing grounds or beachheads.

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