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Although the term "dromon" (Greek, "runner") didn't come into parlance until Late Antiquity, it was becoming apparent especially in many civilisations that small and light ships could play a vital role in naval operatons, from the beginning of the Bronze Age.

The term "dromon" (later anglicised as "dromond") referred to an early Byzantine warship capable of good speeds at sea, while being sturdy enough to run down smaller prey. Contrary to more ancient models, a dromon did not ram enemies, but instead used a wooden beak or spar to break enemy oars, thus disabling the ship and making it easier to board. For defence, the dromon hosted a central raised platform called a xylokastra to allow greater visibility to the marines on board.

Dromon-type craft were popular to the communities that maintained contact with Byzantium (and were based off the more advanced Byzantine dromon or dromon), although longships, based off a design used by Nordic tribes, were more popular throughout the North Sea and Baltic regions.

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